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Entries 1 to 35 are to be read together. They all deal with the Talmage-Roberts-Smith affair. Nevo was kind enough on this thread to link to the authoritative texts on the subject. These documents can be read in tandem with those articles. I have never read those articles and I don’t know what they include. However, I doubt, though I could be mistaken, that the articles include, for example, Smith’s complete 63-page snoozer to the Quorum of the Twelve. I am only sorry I don’t have a copy of the Roberts’ response.

Talmage’s The Coming of Man and The Earth and Man can be found in various sources. But I doubt The Earth and Man comes with the frontispiece attached here with the handwritten  ‘False Doctrine’  (in Joseph Fielding Smith’s handwriting) on the cover of the pamphlet that was published, as well as, with the edits in Talmage’s handwriting.

1) Talmage Diary and Journal – 1881-1926

2) Talmage, The Coming of Man, Part One

3) Talmage, The Coming of Man, Part Two

4) Heber J

5) Correspondence – Roberts to Clawson

6) Correspondence – Clawson to Smith, et al

7) Correspondence – Smith to Clawson

8) Correspondence – Roberts to Grant

9) Correspondence – Roberts to Clawson2

10) Correspondence – Smith to Clawson2

11) Talmage, Earth and Man

12) Smith Address to Quorum of the Twelve

13) Smith Address to Quorum of the Twelve, Part Two

14) Smith Address to Quorum of the Twelve, Part Three

15) Smith Address to the Quorum of the Twelve, Part Four

16) Smith Address to the Quorum of the Twelve, Part Five

17) Smith Address to the Quorum of the Twelve, Part Six

18) Correspondence – Clawson to Grant

19) Talmage Journal 1931

20) First Presidency to General Authorities

21) Correspondence – Talmage and Smoot

22) Report of Pres. Clawson

23) Correspondence – Widtsoe and Lyman

24) George Richards Diary entry

25) Correspondence – Clawson to Smith (III)

26) Correspondence – SWG (_) to (_)

27) Correspondence – Widtsoe to Clawson

28) Roberts, Immortality of Man

29) Poll, Conversation with Smith

30) Correspondence – Poll to Wilkinson

31) Complaints against Poll

32) Correspondence – Smith to Perry

33) Correspondence from McKay’s office in re Smith’s book

34) Correspondence from First Presidency in re Fletcher’s Reminiscences

35) Correspondence – Romney – Davidson 3

Number 36 is really a separate issue from the affair documented in 1-35. But I am sure a lot of you would be interested in actually reading the report from Romney to McKay on McConkie’s Mormon Doctrine. Also, included are diary entries regarding that report.

36) McConkie and Mormon Doctrine

Finally, the 37st entry is my own typewritten documentary (what was a labor of love originally for all my cousins). Most, if not all, of the above have been typed into this documentary. And there is a lot more included there such as bios of the main players, a lot more stuff from Church sources on science and evolution, which should ‘fill in’ all the holes.

I must admit I finally burned out on the project, but may one day finish it completely. There is so much stuff to add, including all the stuff out of BYU-Idaho and the Evolution Packet from BYU.

After typing out Nibley’s Before Adam, I was done. What a ridiculous paper! I was embarrassed for him after reading that. It literally says nothing. He was a master at that trick. I still crack up when apologists immediately send you to this article in particular when questioning the whole evolution-creation problem in Mormon thought.

So, folks, for those of you still thinking this is an important issue, I hope you can benefit from this collection. Spread it around. Don’t hold on to it without giving it to someone else. That is really all I want – that those just beginning to question all these things can go to some source somewhere and see how the Church has handled the problem (not very well, in my opinion).

End of the science documents.

37) Mormonism and Evolution – A Historical Documentary


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