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Perhaps we all have heard of the address by Reed Durham, Jr. concerning the involvement of Joseph Smith in Masonry. And we perhaps have even read it. Most likely, if you have read it, you also know of the Mervin Hogan address. Both of these are on the internet. You also may have heard of and even read the apology by Durham. It can be found on Wikipedia. I have included the actual apology (mimeograph). What I couldn’t find on the internet was Jack Adamson’s paper (of Ape and Angel fame), also given at the same conference. So, this should fill in or complete your files. Enjoy the read!

The following Talmage material is the first small packet of my science and evolution files. I really don’t know if this is available or not, though it is probably out in some book or other by now. I haven’t followed along to know what is out there now, but enjoy, if you haven’t read this stuff before.

No Help For Widow’s Son – Adamson, Hogan, Durham

Talmage Diary and Journal – 1881-1926


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