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McMurrin-McKay Correspondence – I think most of this is out there, but I am not sure if all of it is. McMurrin had stacks of these when he handed me one of them and told me to enjoy the read. I hope you do too. Especially, for those who don’t have access to Dialogue and Sunstone, this is a nice summary of his involvement in ‘the Negro problem.’ I’m doubting whether all of the letters here are out in the public domain, but I may be wrong. Well, enjoy it, as I am sure he would tell you to do, as well. This is what he handed to visitors when they asked him about the topic.

I’m looking for some other things from him, and if I can round them up, they will come in the second tranch.

Adamson, Ape or Angel – My advisor in the English department turned me on to Jack Adamson. Although not Mormon, my advisor had great respect for Jack Adamson. He was, however, already gone by the time I showed up, so I never took a class with him. He also co-authored a couple of biographies, including one on Sir Walter Raleigh, that was favorably reviewed. I don’t know why but this paper he gave (where, I am not sure now) really influenced me as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Ernest L. Wilkinson Diary Comprehensive Index, Parts One, Two, Three, and Four- I really get a kick out of this still today. There is just some damn funny stuff in here. As you all know already, Ernest L. Wilkinson was quite the character. Of course, you can read all about him and the BYU in Bergera’s book. But, I don’t think you can get the whole index out of that book. When I googled it, I saw that it is in the Marquardt papers in the Harold B. Lee Library, Special Collections Department. If you can’t get there to read it, well now you don’t have to. Enjoy!

Check out especially the McMurrin and Madsen (Truman) entries. (Truman Madsen listed on the faculty as having a Ph.D. two years before he ever received it?) Good stuff all the way through.

I am working now on the second tranch, dedicated to science and evolution. Here is one entry, from the Oral History of BYU, #17, Harvey Fletcher, p. 11:

You know they’re not always agreeing in the Twelve on some of these things, particularly when it deals with science. He (now referring to brother Widtsoe) said brother Joseph Fielding Smith and brother Talmage used to have it pretty hot sometimes, and he said that brother Talmage, see he talked about fossils and that was part of his subject as a geologist, went down to Adam-ondi-aman where the alter of Adam is supposed to be and he had a pick and picked around through it and finally found a fossil right in the cement of this altar. He found two or three of them and brought them up and put them in a bag and brought them home. He said he came back at (sic) one of the meetings of the Twelve, and he said, “Now brother Joseph, I understand that you thoroughly believe and are very sure that the first man on earth was Adam, the first life was Adam.” He said, “I certainly do believe that.” He said, “Well, what about these?” then, he handed out the fossils, and said, “I found those in the altar.”

Funny stuff. Can’t really imagine that happening today with Elders Scott and Bednar, can you? I think there will be some things in this tranch that maybe no one has had their hands on yet. I guess we will see.

McMurrin-McKay Correspondence

Adamson, Ape or Angel

Ernest L. Wilkinson Diary, Part One

Ernest L. Wilkinson Diary, Part Two

Ernest L. Wilkinson Diary, Part Three

Ernest L. Wilkinson Diary, Part Four


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