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I hope everyone enjoys the material cached here. There should be a little bit for all of you, I trust.

Some of the material to be cached here started showing up through the Mormon Underground while Leonard Arrington was at the helm. I was a University of Utah student at the time, and studied with some of the scholars featured here. They gave me a lot of this stuff. I also have an uncle, a history professor, who directed me to other material, and shared what he had freely with me.

I was also led to a lot of material by an Institute teacher who at that time was teaching at the U. of U. Institute, U. Carlisle Hunsaker, who taught the LDS Doctrine and Philosophy course for many years. He was booted out after refusing to back down to threats that he would lose his job if he participated in Sunstone symposiums. All instigated by Elder Packer. That really was the final nail in the coffin. Well, that and my family totally freaking out and treating me like s*** for having questions and doubts.

That was ages ago it seems. I hadn’t looked at this stuff for a long time until recently and it brings back lots of mixed feelings.

But, for me, it wasn’t church history that did me in. Neither was it Sunday church culture, though I never really enjoyed that, nor felt comfortable in it. I was swept away by my studies in science, specifically evolution. And Shakespeare. It only took two or three semesters and I was out, pretty much. The study into Mormon history just confirmed what I had already concluded.

I tell people that I lost faith in Christianity long before I lost faith in Mormonism. That may sound strange, but I grew up immersed in the Mormon culture, and it was tougher to shake off than the actual doctrines of Christianity. It meant everything to me. When I lost faith in Christianity, I tried for a long time to continue holding on to Mormonism, in some way, shape, or form. What was at stake? – only my family, my complete moral framework, my self-esteem – just to name a few things.

While I lost most of my family, and had to build for myself a new moral framework, as well as, rebuild my self-esteem, it has all worked out in the end. But it was scary at times, I must admit.

I wish you all well in your journeys through this vale of tears. No path is an easy one, but I have never regretted leaving the Mormon path to strike out on my own.

Well, enough of that crap. Here is what is in the first tranch:

McMurrin, Liberal Education and Authentic Individualism. I couldn’t find this anywhere on the Net when I checked recently. Of course, you can read it at Special Collections, University of Utah, but I figure most of you can’t get there to do that. So, please enjoy. It is vintage McMurrin.

McMurrin, Toward a Christian Ethic. This is a devotional he gave in 1959 for the Week-Day Religious Education series. I found it in an old dusty book in the Institute library. I also have not seen this online at all. So, if you are a McMurrin fan, it gives a glimpse in to his thinking early in his career, while he was still working for the Church Education System.

Midgley-McMurrin Correspondence – Some of you might get a kick out of this. You can go back to the early Dialogue issue to read the reviews of McMurrin’s Theological Foundations. Midgley also sent a letter to the Editors, which was published, and you can find that there. However, the editors edited out two paragraphs. Midgley obviously wasn’t happy about that and sent a letter to McMurrin, with a copy of the two missing paragraphs. He didn’t want McMurrin to miss them. (I’m sorry for the poor quality. It was not the digital age yet.) I think you can, if you struggle, make out most everything and fill in the blanks with McMurrin’s response. He never sent the response, however, as I understand it.

McMurrin, Liberal Education and Authentic Individualism

McMurrin, Toward A Christian Ethic

Midgley-McMurrin Correspondence


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